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Thetford, the inventor of world’s first camping toilet, announced that it has launched the next generation of its portable toilet. This next‐generation product line consists of 2 model variants, the Porta Potti Excellence, the high‐end models, and the Porta Potti Qube, the classic models. The new Porta Potti line takes leisure to the next level, by offering unparalleled user comfort and excellent design. It meets the current and future requirements for anyone in need of a sanitary solution that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system.

Porta Potti Excellence impeccable design with a touch of Excellence

The release of the Porta Potti Excellence range is somewhat of a design renaissance for the iconic brand. It’s the answer on how to deliver superior mobile sanitary experiences, housed in a lean and sophisticated new design. This ‘jewel’ amongst portable toilets reflects in every detail the knowledge and experience of its makers. Created by the company as a specific luxurious camping toilet, we believe that the new Porta Potti Excellence range will also appeal for use on boats, in building sites, or at home, due to its impeccable attention to detail. The Porta Potti Excellence has been designed with the end‐user in mind with its various smart functionalities to make your sanitary experience a lot more comfortable when nature calls.

Porta Potti Excellence innovative standard features, unparalleled user comfort

The Excellence differs not only in its unique design from any other portable toilet; it also distinguishes itself with its home‐like toilet shape and superior seating height. In combination with a bigger bowl size this allows elderly people to use the toilet comfortably. In addition, the user benefits from a well‐designed control panel with a pump, water‐fill unit, and water‐level indicator, nicely integrated into the toilet. Also integrated in the Excellence is a toilet roll holder, so toilet paper is always within arm’s reach of the user. Last but not least, a level indicator for both the waste‐holding tank and the flush‐water tank is standard. This means no more unpleasant surprises for the user, as the control panel tells them in time to empty the waste holding tank or to re‐fill the flush‐water tank.

The Porta Potti Qube, classic but enhanced

The next‐generation product line also consists of a model that has helped define the Porta Potti brand and is its heritage design. This next generation is known as the Porta Potti Qube. The Qube takes the current Porta Potti product range to a new level by offering a refreshed design with nicely
shaped curves and a variety of additional product features. These include amongst others an integrated lid clip and improved blade handle system and a more convenient carry handle for the waste‐holding tank.
Both product lines are made with uncompromising quality, experience, and love for leisure. This is why users are offered a three‐year warranty and complimentary samples of toilet additives with every unit. Thetford is the world’s best‐selling brand of toilet care products for mobile toilets and offers a wide range of additives to guarantee a trouble‐free and comfortable use of the portable toilets.